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Thorough Brush Chipping in Fort Wayne, IN

When it comes to the trees in your backyard, it can be a large project to remove them or prune them safely. Nature is beautiful, and although we ideally want to let brush and trees grow how they want, the truth is we need the space they could be taking up on our lawns. Typically when branches start poking at your home or roots threaten to break underground pipes, it’s time for action. Wheatcraft Tree And Lawn can start with brush chipping in Fort Wayne, IN. They have the best team to handle any job, whether for residential or commercial properties.

There are many ways to get rid of brush properly; after a tree is removed or pruned, we use brush chipping as a safer and more efficient option than burning the trees. We’ll keep your yard clean and remove any excess tree materials, so it’s safe to use for everyone. When we’re finished with the job, we can leave the chipped material to use as mulch for the landscape if you request it. As a tree company, we can attest to some of the following benefits of this service:

More economical option than hauling.

Trees can be reduced to chips in a matter of minutes.

Chips can be used as mulch, composting with grass clippings, or swing set surfaces.

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