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Residential Stump Grinding & Tree Removal in Fort Wayne, IN

Remove unsightly stumps and trees from your property with our residential stump grinding and tree removal services. Wheatcraft Tree and Lawn has the expertise to safely remove trees and stumps in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We remove the stump, mulch it, and add dirt, grass seed, and straw. In addition to our commercial and residential stump grinding, tree trimming, and tree removal services, we also have firewood for sale. Cash or check is preferred, but we also accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover for a $5.00 service fee.

Residential Stump Grinding

Tree Removal Services

Stump Grinding

Before we begin the stump grinding process, we ask that you measure the diameter of the entire area of the surface that needs to be ground, including root and dirt mound pushed up by the roots of the tree. This is necessary to level out the area to plant grass. For a one- to three-foot diameter stump, the cost is $75.00. For each additional foot in diameter, the cost is an additional $20.00. We provide discounts for large quantities of stumps at the same location.

Before you decide to have your stump ground, please call the Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor at (800) 382-5544 to have your utilities marked for safety. While utilities are marked, they do not mark for any other underground lines such as landscape lighting, yard lighting poles, propane lines, water sprinkler lines, invisible fence for animals, septic tanks and any other types of underground items. We are not responsible for damages to "unmarked underground" lines.


We now offer quality firewood with free delivery to the Fort Wayne, Indiana, area. These 14" to 18" long logs come in truck loads, from pickup trucks to dump trucks. We also offer packs of fire starter logs. Firewood we offer includes:

• Half Pickup Truck Load — $60.00 Delivered
• Full Pickup Truck Load — $99.00 Delivered
• Dump Truck Load — $360.00 Delivered
• Starter Log (6 Pack) — $15.00
• Zip Fire Starter (12 Pack) — $8.00
• Extreme Start Fire Starter (2 Pack) — $2.50