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Comprehensive Emergency Lawn Services in Fort Wayne, IN

Tree and lawn problems don’t always occur when it’s convenient. Sometimes, a hanging branch or landscape damage pose too much of a safety risk for you to leave unaddressed until business hours. That’s something we understand at Wheatcraft Tree And Lawn, which is why we offer our emergency lawn services in Fort Wayne, IN.

With us on your side, you always have the peace of mind to feel confident in your property’s safety--even after hours--when it comes to landscape issues. Available for both residential and commercial customers, our emergency services focus on rapid resolutions that remove and repair dangerous elements like damaged trees and protruding branches.

Utilizing professional-grade equipment and decades of experience, we power through tough jobs to keep our customers out of harm’s way. Whether something’s scraping your roof or threatening to fall, reach out to us for fast help. We’ll send our team out to you without delay.

Complete Tree Removal on a Tight Schedule

With our emergency tree removal option, you can take care of unsafe trunks without worry. These situations make expert help crucially important because one wrong move can send a tree careening through your building, onto a car, or anywhere else. You can count on us to apply exceptional care any time you encounter:

  • • Leaning Trunks
  • • Weak Roots
  • • Diseased Trees
  • • Storm-Damaged Foliage

We use the latest equipment and pay attention to every detail--meaning that we’re the best option when your belongings and safety are on the line. That’s not the only reason to choose us, though. Too often, emergency situations leave behind a mess, even once the danger is over. Not only do we take care to clean our worksite before we go, but we also offer stump grinding to ensure that you aren’t left with an unsightly blemish on your lawn.

Restorative Landscape Repair

In addition to our tree removal assistance, we offer a quick response to heavy landscape damage that leaves your property unsafe or unprepared for a time-sensitive situation. No matter the cause of the call, we’ll do everything in our power to return your property’s exterior space to a pristine condition in as little time as possible.

Whether you need a fast fix for deep ruts in your lawn or a safe solution for a part of your business’s landscape that creates liability risks, we can help. In many cases, we can complete your project the same day you call, making our emergency lawn services the definitive choice when you can’t wait for results.

Contact us today for after-hours lawn emergencies. We proudly serve Fort Wayne, IN, and the surrounding areas.