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Trusted Tree Removal Company in Fort Wayne, IN

Clear your property of any problematic trees with a call to Wheatcraft Tree And Lawn. Since 1982, we’ve provided an array of tree services to local clients, from stump grinding to tree trimming. You can count on our tree removal company in Fort Wayne, IN, to take care of your job safely and efficiently, no matter how large or complex it may be. Contact us today to request a free estimate and learn more about what to expect from our step-by-step removal process.

When Do Trees Need to Be Removed?

Typically, we strive to help trees thrive rather than getting rid of them. However, sometimes removal is the best option. Clients call us for tree removal services for a variety of reasons, including:

The Tree Is Dying or Dangerously Damaged: Sometimes, a once-strong tree becomes a safety hazard due to an illness or injury. When you’re concerned that a tree on your property could topple soon, contact us. We’ll assess your tree and determine whether it can be saved or if it is safer to remove it.

The Tree’s Growth Has Gotten Out of Hand: A large tree might come too close to a building, fence, or other structure. Likewise, its shade may prevent grass from growing. Our tree removal company can help you get your property back in order.

The Tree’s Pollen, Leaves, Fruit, or Sap Is a Nuisance: A tree itself may not be an issue, but the things it produces could be causing a lot of problems. If you’re suffering from pollen allergies, rotting fruit that attracts pests, or other issues, removing the tree may be the simplest solution.

The Tree Is in the Way: When you need to clear your property for future construction or to refresh the view, contact us for tree removal services. We’ll ensure the tree is taken down safely with minimal interference with the rest of your property.